2021 Space Inventory Update Information

State law requires that the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) collect and maintain a current space inventory for all state institutions of higher education. To provide this information, the University's Space Information Office (formerly Mapping & Space Information - MSI) distributes an annual survey to each campus user to verify the accuracy of the information contained in the department's space inventory.

The memo from the co-chairs of the Council for the Built Environment about the purpose and importance of the Space Inventory Update, can be found here

Inventory updates for all entities must be completed and submitted for approval using the on-line portal linked below.

Deadline for submission is Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Space Inventory Update Portal: https://spaceinventory.tamu.edu/‚Äč 

Instructions for Updating Inventory (Click here.)

Note: Please code rooms based on their planned function for Fall 2021.  

All spaces in Brazos County are asked to provide UIN’s for all faculty and staff associated to the room they occupy. Please refer to the UIN Reporting Document (linked below) for specific information regarding the reporting of UIN's.

Space Inventory Reference Materials:
- Space Inventory Coding Summary Sheet
- Room Codes & Definitions
- Function Codes & Definitions
- System Part Codes & Definitions
- Prorating Space Between Multiple Functions/System Parts
- UIN Reporting Information
- Definitions

Don't know your Org Unit? Click here: 2021 Organizational Unit (Org Unit) List

After your final updates have been submitted and you have received an email indicating they have been Approved, you can use our WebReporter tool (
https://fcor.tamu.edu/webreporter/index.aspto see your department's updated space inventory.

Instructions for how to use the WebReporter tool: Click here

Still have questions or need assistance with using the on-line portal?

Contact Ginger Urso at gingerurso@tamu.edu or (979) 862-7793