First and foremost, the Division of Enrollment & Academic Services serves the university and acts in accordance with the university’s strategic plan and priorities.  All priorities, goals, strategies, and tactics within Enrollment & Academic Services are intended to support and enhance the university’s efforts to achieve Vision 2020 and be a model 21st century comprehensive research university with a focus on access.  The intention for Enrollment & Academic Services is to limit this document to the overarching priorities that are consistent with the university strategic plan.  Thus, the Division of Enrollment & Academic Services proposes the following six strategic priorities for the next five years.
  • Priority 1: Academic Tools Development – Develop and implement a comprehensive set of decision making tools to enable colleges to manage  decisions related to enrollment, inclusive of recruitment, admissions, change of curriculum, and scholarship decisions, and preparation of their students for successful post-graduation outcomes.
  • Priority 2: Strategic Enrollment Management – Support the development and execution of a Strategic Enrollment Management Plan that enhances the student population by improving access and support for students from diverse geographic, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.
  • Priority 3: Operational Efficiency – Optimize the services provided within the division to improve the utilization of resources across the institution and to streamline both the organization and its processes and ensure appropriate stewardship of internal resources, particularly in the areas of compliance and security.
  • Priority 4: Student Success – Develop and manage programs and services designed to prepare and guide students to take advantage of opportunities, providing them with access to resources essential in making reasoned academic, financial, and career decisions.
  • Priority 5: Information Access & Utilization  –  Improve access to strategic data and information across the university to enhance strategic decision making at all levels and demonstrate opportunities for enhancing the performance of the university.
  • Priority 6: Employee Development – Create a positive environment for all employees that recognizes and rewards innovation, success, and excellence, fosters professional development and job satisfaction, and values diversity, adaptability, and compliance.